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Premium engine solutions

Premium engine solutions

Sealed Power

Because downtime
is not an option

For more than a century, Sealed Power has offered engine replacement parts that carry the load and do the job for everyday work or play vehicles. Our drive comes from our OE pedigree which we leverage across our aftermarket engine replacement parts.

We know what it takes to get an engine back to OE performance. That's why engine professionals rely on Sealed Power® premium engine replacement parts to provide the solution they need for today's engine rebuilds.


Premium engine replacement parts
you can depend on

Sealed Power pistons on red background


Using proprietary materials and machining processes, Sealed Power manufactures pistons for everyday work or play vehicles, stock rebuilds and high-compression race engines.

Sealed Power engine bearings on light black background

Engine Bearings

Sealed Power engine bearings are manufactured to today’s precise tolerances to ensure performance and durability in extreme heat. The advanced materials and proprietary designs meet the application-specific demands of engine rebuilds.

Sealed Power piston rings on red background

Piston Rings

Sealed Power piston ring sets are designed for optimal horsepower, oil control and durability. They are carefully selected for the best combination of top, second and oil control rings, delivering the ideal ring technology for the application and operating environment.

Preview image of the full line brochure PDF

Full Line Brochure

Preview image of the aluminum bearings bulletin PDF

Aluminum Bearings

Preview image of the DDP piston skirts bulletin PDF

DDP Piston Skirts

Preview image of the CPA pistons bulletin PDF

H1134CPA Pistons

Preview image of the piston rings technology bulletin PDF

Piston Rings Technology

Preview image of the piston tech for LS engines bulletin PDF

Piston Technology for LS Engines

Preview image of the TAC piston ring grooves bulletin PDF

TAC Piston Ring Grooves