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After Tenneco acquired Federal-Mogul in October 2018 and Öhlins Racing in January 2019, DRiV was founded as a single Tenneco business division. 

DRiV's foundation reaches back to the late 1800s when the predecessors of the current Walker emission control and Wagner braking businesses began. Today, DRiV’s portfolio includes more than 30 aftermarket brands, 15 of which have provided customers with high-quality products and services for over a century. 




With automotive roots dating back more than a century, Tenneco’s history as a stand-alone automotive entity began in 1999, when it emerged from a conglomerate formerly consisting of six distinct businesses. To support its growth over the years, Tenneco expanded its global engineering and manufacturing capabilities to serve its global Original Equipment and Aftermarket customers.  Tenneco also made numerous brand acquisitions, including the addition of the Monroe Auto Equipment Company, which was founded in 1916 and introduced the world’s first modern tubular shock absorber in 1930.  The company’s growth continued with the addition of brands like Clevite Elastomers, Walker and, most recently, Öhlins.


Federal-Mogul was founded in 1899, as the Muzzy-Lyon Company, selling mill supplies and rubber goods along with a subsidiary called the Mogul Metal Company. The business proved successful in the early 1900s with Buick as one of their earliest customers. In 1924, the Muzzy-Lyon Company and Federal Bearings and Bushing, an engine bearings and bushings manufacturing company, merged to become Federal-Mogul Corporation. The new company continued to grow and evolve through the 20th century and in 1998, acquired the Automotive Products division of Cooper Industries, with brands including Anco wiper blades, Champion ignition, MOOG chassis, and Wagner and Blazer lighting. In March 2012, Federal-Mogul created separate Powertrain and Motorparts segments, each with its own CEO. Tenneco then acquired Federal-Mogul in October 2018.

Öhlins Racing

Öhlins Racing AB was founded in 1976 in Sweden by Kenth Öhlin. Öhlins started making gas shock absorbers for motorcycles and rapidly became a reference within the motorcycle racing circuit. In 1984, Öhlins filed its first patent for Continuously Controlled Electronic Suspension valve (CES) technology and started to work on developing the valves, shock absorbers, sensors, ECUs and software required to make semi-active suspension systems for a variety of applications. The relationship between Öhlins and Tenneco began in 1998 when the two companies started to work together on developing CES valve technology for automotive applications. In 2003, Tenneco and Öhlins jointly launched the first CES shock absorbers as standard equipment on the Volvo S60R performance car. Tenneco acquired Öhlins Racing in January 2019.